Futatsu Industries is a locally partner owned and fully independent subsidary wholly controlled by the great Futatsu Corporation, part of the illusive Keisan Danchi Group (partially listed on the TSE, Tokyo Stock Exchange as Tsukemono Rapid Train Systems).

Futatsu Industries AS reports through the Futatsu Heavy Industries (FHI) network of interdependent and codependent agencies to the Futatsu European Brand Headquarters (FUBRA-EMEA) and its financially impaired holding company, Futatsu Group Holdings Europe that dabble mostly in blackmail, illegal gambling and unattracctive web sites for the interactively challenged. After the 2005 merger with Sakura Inagawi Model Trucks, Futatsu Industries Holding was delisted on the TSE and listed on NASDAQ as FUIN, and later changed its name to Futatsu Unagi Sushi, Futatsu Hello Sailor and Futatsu Industries later again.

Futatsu Industries and its owners are partially backed by speculators through an elaborate and opaque investment scheme going by the name of Greta, said to be controlled by a Bradford T. Stanley of Cayman Islands and Moneyflex of Luxemburg, about to be renamed Moneyflex of Jersey, alternatively Moneyflex of Sweatshirt.

For the sake of peace and quiet the Futatsu group of companies and its subsidaries subscribe to most point of views not containing the letters e, i, and a.

Our corporate song “Oh hail thy Industry of which Futatsu multiplies” in japanese is only available on the Futatsu intranet. Click here to enter. If you can´t activate the word “here” in the above sentence, well who cares really.

The honourable Mr Junichiro «Bobby» Takanawa, Chairman Futatsu Gloup, Futatsu EMEA, CEO Futatsu Rapid Train Systems and boardmember Banco Molinari Luxembourg during his last visit to Oslo where he brought luscious gifts of questionable taste and many kind words of which these were the most memorable: Never take your eye off the balls. Sushi is not sushi unless prepared by somebody I know. Little do we know that our forefathers did not, except maybe for Twitter. Norway…what can I say. Digitally we are way up there with the rest.